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Yellow Jade Potara Earrings DBZ Dragon Ball Z Super Full Size

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These are "Full Size" screen accurate DBZ Potara Earrings created for true Dragonball fans. 
Each earring is 2 3/4 inches or 7cm! 

These hand-crafted sterling silver earrings are inspired by the Potara Earrings from the manga comic and anime series Dragonball. 
The Potaras are worn by Kaioshins who are gods that rule over separate quadrants of the universe. 
Their earrings when worn on opposite ears of any two people will allow those 2 people to become permanently fused together into a newly formed person. 
These Potara Earrings are modeled after the pair worn by Supreme Kai, also called Kaioshin of the East, and Old Kai, also called Rou Dai Kaioshin, or just Dai Kaioshin. 
Old Kai gives his pair of potara to Goku, who then fuses with Vegeta to become Vegeto, to go fight Majin Buu. 
Supreme Kai accidentally fuses with Kibito to become Kibito Kai. 
We use the same authentic materials that have been used since ancient times, which means 100% all natural materials. 
Sterling silver hinged earhoops suspend 5 sterling silver beads connected to a 20mm yellow jade bead. 
There is absolutely no danger of becoming permanently fused to someone if you share one of these earrings with a friend.

  • Two 1 inch (20mm) Sterling Silver hinged ear hoops
  • 5 Sterling Silver 3/16" (5mm) beads per earring
  • Two 1 inch (20mm) Yellow Jade beads
  • Each earring length is 2 3/4 inches or 7cm
  • Full Size screen accurate DBZ Potara Earrings

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