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Tron Black Onyx Rosary

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Try to picture clusters of information as they travel through a computer. 
A Digital Frontier. 
One day he got in. 
Some call it The Grid. 
This hand-crafted Buddhist rosary was inspired by the mala (also called nenju, juzu, japmala, or prayer beads) worn by the genius, visionary, modern hero Kevin Flynn from the movies Tron, and Tron Legacy, and the television series Tron Uprising.

  • 108 Black Onyx .25 inch x .5 inch or 5mm x 15mm stone beads
  • 100% silk thread - 3 strand braided
  • 3/8 inch or 12mm Black Onyx stone Guru or Buddha bead
  • Hand-crafted from all natural materials
  • No glues, artificial dyes, or synthetics are used

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