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The Matrix Morpheus Necklace

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This medallion pendant necklace was inspired by arguably the most influential philosopher of our time - Morpheus from the movies The Matrix, 
The Matrix: Reloaded, and Revolutions.
It is the mission of Morpheus and his crew onboard the Nebuchadnezzar to free peoples minds from The Matrix. 
Is his medallion a symbol of his personal philosophical beliefs? 
Maybe it is a symbol of him taking the red pill. 
Or maybe Morpheus just likes looking cool. 
It is every philosophers duty to question everything. 
Free your mind. 
Take the red pill, and purchase this today.

  • Red jasper 2 inches / 5cm medallion pendant
  • Leather necklace length is 32 inches / 81cm
  • Hand-crafted from all natural materials
  • No glues, artificial dyes, or synthetics are used
  • We apply the same techniques used since ancient times to create this necklace