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Samurai Champloo Jin Rosary Bracelet Mala Nenju

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Jin, the samurai ronin who betrayed the Muju Dojo, and Mugen, the convict from the Ryukyus, meet Fuu, the daughter of Kasumi Seizou, one day in a tea house. 
After an altercation, Jin and Mugen agree to not fight each other, and escort Fuu to Ikitsuki Island. 
Jin wears an informal nenju rosary bracelet along his travels with Mugen, and Fuu. 
A formal Zen style rosary (also called Buddhist rosary, mala, nenju, juzu, japmala, or prayer beads) has 108 beads.
Jin's rosary bracelet is considered informal because it is 1/3 the size having 36 beads. 
Jin is most likely wearing the 1/3 informal style rosary because of the mystical, religious, and spiritual significance of the number 3, and because Jin is 1/3 of Samurai Champloo.

  • 36 Jade 5mm or 3/16 inch beads
  • 1 Jade 6mm or 1/4 inch Buddha / Guru bead
  • 100% silk thread - 3 strand braided
  • Bracelet rosary is 6 inches to 8 inches adjustable
  • Hand-crafted from all natural materials

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