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Naruto Chakra Crystal Necklace

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This chakra crystal necklace is worn by the ninja Naruto from the anime Naruto Shippuden. 
We use the same authentic materials, and techniques that have been used by all the Hidden Villages jewelry, which means 100% all natural materials. 
A distinctive green jade pendant is separated by 2 sterling silver ball shapes, is hung on a silk cord, and has a sterling silver T insert into O clasp. 
According to Jiraiya there are only 2 of these necklaces in the whole world. 
Now, thanks to TamaShop artisans, you can own one too.

  • Naruto Necklace has 1 Green Jade pendant measuring 2 inches or 5cm in length
  • Two .39 inch or 10mm length sterling silver ball shapes on every Naruto Necklace
  • Black Silk Naruto Necklace measures 25 inches or 63.5cm in length
  • Sterling silver T into O style clasp to easily put the Naruto Necklace on, or take if off
  • Naruto Necklace is Hand-crafted from all natural materials