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Kagura's Jade Inuyasha Earrings

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These hand-crafted Jade earrings were inspired by Kagura the wind sorceress from the manga comic and anime series Inu-Yasha. 
Kagura is one of the incarnations of Naraku created using the Shikon no Tama. Kagura controls the winds, waves a fan, and wears beautiful distinctive green jade earrings.
We use the same authentic materials that have been used since ancient times, which means 100% all natural materials. 
Five Jade beads, 12mm descending to 4mm, are strung on 3 braided 100% silk strands connected to a Sterling Silver ear hook. 
These earrings will not allow a person to control the winds unless those powers are already present in the earring owner.

  • 5 Jade stone beads per earring - 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm, and 4mm
  • 2 Sterling Silver ear hooks
  • Earring length is 3 inches
  • 100% silk thread - 3 strand braided
  • 2 silk tassels in black color

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