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Inuyasha Kotodama No Nenju Necklace

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This kotodama no nenju necklace was inspired by the manga and anime series Inu yasha.
Inu-Yasha's nenju necklace, which was "given to him" by the miko Kaede, is one of the more distinctive objects associated with that character (except for maybe his red kimono made of Hi-Nezumi - fire rat, or the sword Tetsusaiga ).
Only all natural materials would due for this creation to make it authentic.
After watching many hours of Inuyasha, our artists chose black onyx as the best choice for Inuyasha's mala beads, and white jade for the magatama beads.

Black onyx is associated with the supernatural in many cultures including ancient Japan.
Black onyx is formed by silicon dioxide deposited in gas cavities of lava.
Being that Japan has many volcanoes, black onyx could be found around Kaede's village, and could easily be formed into the beads necessary to restrain a hanyou dog.
Also, black onyx is very reflective, and will appear as dark purple when worn on a red kimono in bright sunlight, or black in normal lighting conditions just like Inuyasha's nenju.

Magatama beads represent: the yin-yang, a growing / sprouting seed, a human sperm cell, an embryo, they are part of the Japanese imperial regalia, and are the jewels worn by the sun goddess Amaterasu no Okami in Japanese mysticism. Many shinto shrines have magatama beads inside. If you wear magatama you gain the protection of kami, which are good spirits.
We offer white jade magatama beads being that white jade could be found in or around Kaede's village.

Forty-nine large 10mm black onyx beads have been strung on strong 3 strand silk thread (authentic nenju rosaries use silk thread) separated by a choice of either genuine white quartz claws / fangs / tusks / magatama (resemble canine teeth).
The kotodama no nenju necklace worn by Inuyasha has an incantation or spell put on it so that when the word Osuwari, which means sit in Japanese, is spoken by Kagome he does just that - he sits.
We feel our customers wouldn't like to be violently flung to the ground when the word sit is spoken out loud, and so we have not included that feature.

49 Black Onyx 3/8" (10mm) beads
• Choice of Magatama - 10 White Jade Claw / Fangs
• Necklace length is 25 inches
• 100 % genuine strong 3 strand silk thread
• Sterling silver T insert into O style clasp
• Hand-crafted from all natural materials
• No glues, artificial dyes, or synthetics are used
• We apply the same techniques used since ancient times to create this necklace 
• Red Velvet drawstring bag lined with White Satin measuring 4.5" x 8" (11.43cm x 20.32cm) included for storage of the Inuyasha Necklace